Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Enamel - well sort of

I am desperate to learn how to enamel. Penny has a kiln and I have serious tool envy.

I Recently bought Linda darty's book on enamelling and set up a tin can Kiln as per a diagram in her book. All set up except uuh no enamels.

I can order enamels but I am impatient and when I want to do something I want to do it now - not wait for the mail man.

I have thousands of seed beads, from my bead obsession days.

So I crushed a few and used a tea strainer for mesh and hairspray to help it stick.

All thing considered I was really pleased with these results

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Two Bees said...

Okay, you got me this time...I read your blog, on and off and yes, I too am going to buy a used kiln. Also like you I am impatient. Can you please tell me the book which has this "tin-can kiln"? I'm headed to the book store then the grocery store...Soup anyone???
Thanks for sharing and great work!