Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My Melissa chain

It was Vanessa's (my sister) 40th birthday on the 13.I wanted to make her something special. I decided to try a new technique. I have always admired Melissas chain which has just been published in Art Jewelry magazine so that was my obvious choice.

So I made some fine silver wire and a few links I made a small sample to see how it went. I decided that I dont like fine silver - it seems so soft. I got so frustrated with trying to ball the end of the sticks - It wouldnt ball unless I placed a piece of wood behind the work and then everything fused together. Eventually I managed to get it right but the fine silver was so soft that the pin came out anyway. I saw that Melissa pushes the jumpring closed afterwards to lock it in place. So I decided to try fusing both ends of the pins before assembling the bracelet. It worked! Yay. So I switched to sterling silver and balled first and here is my result. Thanks Melissa!
Here is a link to the wall paper of Melissa's chain

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I was really lucky to get a few enamels for christmas - and now that the festive season is over and the kids are back at school I have finally got to play with them. It took me a whole weekend to make a sample sheet. and another to make these experimental pieces.All are copper and enamel.
The forms were pressed using my vice, perspex and my husbands slipslops (beach shoes) which I cut up. The stripes on the big one are made using a foldforming technique right out of one of my new books - foldforming by Charles Lewton Brain.