Saturday, 31 May 2008


I havent been Idle for the last couple of weeks I have been busy with this. Once I started making letter stamps for my name I came up with this idea. And I needed a lot more stamps which took a long time.

These are the letters of our names. I know its not obvious but I am not an obvious kind of person I figure the only person who needs to know the significance of the words is the person wearing the piece. I am going to make a loop in loop chain to make up for it. and put a family photo probably sepia with resin on the inside.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

hand made bead earrings.

Here are the earrings I made to match the the necklace made with my first bead .

Oh dear bye bye bead

I am so frustrated with myself.
When I did my first real jewellery course 2 years ago we made a bead as one of our projects. and I love that bead. I wear it on a piece of tigertail all the time. Its simple and I made it.
Anyway I decided to make a pair of earrings to match.
So I made two perfect silver beaded earrings. I finished them and they are beautiful and shiny. They would go perfectly with my first bead but my first bead is 2 years old and not so shiny anymore - it also has a few scratches that look suspiciously like file marks. So......... I decided to polish it up. and wouldnt you know I dinged my original bead! So now I have a pair of earrings and no necklace to match. I think I am going to ding the original bead all over with my dapping punches and possibly add a few balls and holes to match my dinged up earrings I already own and make another necklace to match my new earrings.

Link to the dinged earring story

Thursday, 01 May 2008

home made stamps

It's an unusually cold day in Durban today (about 23 degrees celcius).

So I spent a couple of hours making a few stamps.