Friday, 24 October 2008

Jasper Ring

I started making this ring about 2 months ago.
But it challenged me at every turn.
My biggest mistake was trying to get away with a thin back plate for the large stone.
Then I realised it was too thin and I remade the whole of the top piece using .8mm back plate which was probably too thick for my torch to handle. Then when I was setting the stone the whole thing came off the ring. AAGH. luckily I was able to remove the stone without too much damage and resolder it to the ring. I made sure it was soldered properly this time!


Penny said...

This is fantastic!!!! Glad it turned out so well after how troublesome it was!!!

Carlo Diente Oro said...

really nice work, I enjoy your passionate approach to your work. The photography is great as well. :o)