Sunday, 18 November 2007

pierced pendant with resin background

One of the things I need to work on is my piercing.
This was my piercing practice piece.
I drew the motive on my pc. glued it onto my copper sheet and drilled and sawed it out.
Then I made metal frame out of copper and soldered a small bit of tube to the frame. I wrapped clear packaging tape around a piece of glass and stuck the pierced piece to the back of the glass. I then placed my frame on the top of the piece of glass on the tape above the pierced piece so that I could see where to place the three little tubes.The three little tubes needed to be exactly above the 3 holes I had driilled as I intended to rivet my pierced piece to my resin piece.
I then filled my frame with resin, let it set, cleaned it all up
and riveted the piece together then cleaned it all up again and oxidised it.
That is cutting a very long story short.
This piece was a real challenge for me to complete as I came across obstacles in nearly every step.


Penny said...

This turned out really brilliantly, I am sure it was much more work than you said, but it is really gorgeous.

Urison said...

Nikki, I really do like your pendant, great color selection to go with the design. thanks

Nikki said...

Thank you. I am really enjoying the all the learning processes that come with making jewellery.