Monday, 26 November 2007

A great day out

Penny and I had an awesome day on Friday.
Penny had run out of silver. To order sterling silver plate or wire you need to wait 2 - 3 weeks for your order to be made up. Being an artist Penny couldn't wait that long. - So after phoning around she managed to contact the refinery who put her on to a local jeweller - Terry - who was willing to let us use his rolling mill to make our own plate.
I was not going to let Penny have all the fun so I went along for the ride.
First we went to the refinery to pick up the silver. Fine silver granules are so pretty. Sterling silver granules arent that pretty. We were thrown a little when the woman behind the counter asked us if we wanted sterling silver with indium or just normal sterling silver. Apparently Sterling silver with indium in it doesnt tarnish as quickly as sterling with copper.
There weren't enough sterling granules for both of us (yes I wanted some too) so I bought fine silver granules and Penny bought half sterling and half fine silver. We bought copper to add to our fine silver and then on to our next stop. Where we learnt that Terry doesnt add copper to his silver because of the fire scale - he adds brass instead. So we only turned Pennys sterling granules into plate.
I was surprised at how quick the process took I was prepared for a couple of hours work.
All in all the whole day was so educational and I still have my pretty sterling silver granules which I am saving for the day I get my own rolling mill. Because now that I have silver granules I need a rolling mill even more then ever.

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