Wednesday, 02 May 2007


My wire work has never been very good and this needs some serious cleaning up.

I made my flower out of 1mmx1mm square wire. then I hammered it to make it more 3 dimensional. This was a bad idea as the middle squiggles started to fall out. which meant resoldering which made existing solder reflow which made more squiggles fall out - which went on and on . and eventually became a mess.

I plan on attatching it to a ring but I might solder it to a plate and turn it into a pendant. Or just shelve it.

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Gail Rhyno said...

I've never tried square wire. Actually I've not tried anything but round. Hmmmm...perhaps it's time to try. I love the look of it once it's been forged...twisted...bent...whatever. It really takes on the look of 'hand formed' and that's what we want! People want to know it's made by your hands. I might have to try square.