Friday, 11 December 2009

Its that time of year again

The end of the school year has arrived and I needed a present for James' teacher.
She is pregnant and I think hormones have got the better of her - well it must be the hormones because how could anyone not love my son?
So........A small reminder of my talkative lively child.
The chain is fused sterling silver.
and the charm is etched - sterling silver.
Silly drawing done on ,printed and photo copied onto transparency paper.
Set the iron to the silk setting - it mustn't be too hot because you get smudges. Turn it upside down and balance it between 2 bricks. Get a knife and fork ready and put your clean metal on the iron finally place your image upside down on your silver hold the metal down with the fork and gently rub with the back of the knife.
make sure you have transferred the whole image to the metal. Paint nail polish on the back of your silver.
Place the metal into a nitric acid solution (1:4 acid : water). I used a tiny glass bowl.
I put the solution outside on a black table and it warmed up very quickly - it was a hot day.
I used a feather to remove bubbles from the surface of the metal.
Its as easy as that.

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issa said...

Beutiful creation!