Thursday, 23 July 2009

Still playing with enamel

Thank you everyone for taking time to comment on my blog - I appreciate your comments especially those of you who have way more skill then I do!

Penny and I bought 3 more enamel colours and I made these earrings.

Michaela wanted me to make her a pair of earrings with stars um well stars are not so easy - they look more like starfish. I used orient red - the bumps are clear beads crushed and sprinkled on.

I have been using hairspray as a fixative for the enamel before firing - I have decided that it is not such a good idea as it seems to make my throat close up so I have bought a spray bottle and will be using gum arab and distilled water.

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Billie said...

Did you use the non-aerosol pump hairspray? You can either spray it or unscrew the top and paint it on. Regarding the crushed beads on the stars. You can do something called "sugaring" where you only fire for a short time. It will look like large granular sugar.