Friday, 05 December 2008

citrine earrings

I started this pair of earrings about 2 months ago.

I tapered the wire for the tear drop with my rolling mill - I love my rolling mill. Then formed it around one of my dapping punches and hammered the subtle texture.

I made the claw settings - so I had a few tries before I was happy about them and they were the right size. I swear stones shrink.

The first earring was well behaved and did exactly what I wanted. The second earring was a different story alltogether.

As I got the stone set - the claw came completely off the frame. UUgh so I made a new one and when I was checking to see if it fitted the stone flew across the room and I still havent found it.

So I bought a new stone - which is much prettier and a little bigger then the first set of stones.

but the stone fitted beautifully.


Janice said...

Looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Swati Nigam said...

They're LOVELY!! Nikki, where is the oval setting you made with Chad's tutorial?

Nikki said...

Thanks Swati and Janice

Swati here is the link