Monday, 08 September 2008

Double viking knit chain.

This is a double viking knit chain. I found it much quicker to do this weave then the other weave I know.


David Scott said...

love it caint wait to try it

Janice said...

So how quick is quick?? And what other chaing? Details please!

kalicat said...

beautiful chain.

Nikki said...

Janice I have an article written by Michael David Sturlin which I found on Ganoskin a long time ago.
Its called Crocheting with gold - I cant seem to find a link to it now though.
Its a lovely weave it just takes forever!

Swati Nigam said...

Hey Nikki, this is LOVELY. I do viking knit too, and LOVE it! But have always done single knit. What gauge wire did you use in this double knit chain?

I had learnt two ways of doing the viking knit too. One was with a scriber or any pointy thing, and the other is knitting around a mandrel/dowel. The knitting around a mandrel or dowel is sooo much faster!

The chain looks just AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Your double knit chain came out beautiful. I have been doing it for quit a while but mine never comes out looking so nice. How in the world did you get it to look so even. Mine doesn't have those nice points the "V"'s. Could you please tell me how you did that? Maybe it is the size of wire you are using or the size of dowel. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Cindy

Nikki said...

Hi Cindy
Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog and for commenting. I appreciate it.
This is not a normal viking knit chain it is a double viking knit.
I love it because it seems to keep its shape much better then the single viking knit.
basically you feed the wire under the "e" behind the one you usually feed it behind there is a you tube video explaining this. I use 0.5mm sterling wire and a 3mm hex key as my mandrel. It seems to get even after pulling it through a drawplate. I hope that helps