Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Just a pendant

This was a spur of the moment pendant.

It is made with 2 tumbled stones and 5 faceted stones.

I think the tumbled stones are sodalite. Just because they are blue and Sodalite is on my list of African Gemstones.
I bought them in Pilgrims rest which is an old gold mining town in Mapumalanga (used to be the eastern transvaal) in South Africa.
I love tumbled stones because of their uneveness.

The faceted stones came in a mixed bag of gems. I presume they are smoky quartz because smoky quartz was on the list of stones included in the parcel and the colour fits. I flush set them because I always think that this is the least fussy way of setting a small stone but I did wonder at my sanity when 2 of the stones would not stay there.

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Eric said...

This is a great pendant!