Sunday, 13 April 2008

sinusoidal stake

I find Aticlastic forms quite fascinating. Art jewellery magazine had a bangle project in the January magazine. The problem is they use a sinusoidal stake to form one.
I dont have one of those so I rushed off to Jewel tec to buy one - have money will shop -
they never had one but I wanted one so I showed the article to Andrew (my husband) and managed to convince him that it wouldnt be that diffucult to make one. Which he did and I have a new toy it just needs some refining which is a lot of sanding but that is my job and its a lot of work so I am going to do that after I have expoerimented with it.
Today I attempted to make a copper cuff - UUgh not as easy as it looks. The cuff is still unfinished.

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