Monday, 03 March 2008

etched copper earrings

With these earrings I drew the basic shape with a scribe and my oval stencil.
I then made the form a little more 3 dimensional using dapping punches.

I got a recipe for a copper etching solution from Jewelry artist network forum (thanks Tammy)which I used to etch the inner pattern. I used candle wax as a resist. I melted the wax in a tuna tin then dipped the whole piece into the melted wax. I then used a toothpick to remove the wax where I wanted my pattern. The resist seemed to work well. Although I noticed that the acid was starting to get under the wax at the edges when I removed my pieces.


Penny said...

pNikki, these are gorgeous, you must be very chuffed with how they turned out!!

Nikki said...

Thanks Penny
I am but I do wish I had a little more control over the acid
It gets in places you really dont want it to go.

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Nikki, I really like the way these turned out! I have tried different resists and a red sharpie works really well after the acid turns green. I left a piece for 3 hours one day (because I forgot it!) and the sharpie stayed on! I don't know why red works best, but it does.