Saturday, 20 October 2007

green earrings

These earrings are made out of copper, sterling silver and resin.

The 3rd attempt at filling these earrings with resin was succesful.

Needless to say I learnt a few things when making these earrings.

1. I need a thicker frame - the circles kept changing shape and I spent a lot of time reshaping them.

2. The frame needs to be stuck onto clear packaging tape - not brown packaging tape.- The sticky brown stuff on the brown tape sticks to the resin and makes a mess.

3. The resin that takes longer to set is worth the wait. - The resin in syringes seems to set with a oily look at the top. and I couldnt sand that resin.

4. You need to sand by hand.

5. longer setting resin is a lot thinner then the 5 minute stuff and tends to run under the frame even though the it seems to be sealed. I used the 5 minute stuff just on the edges this seemed to work well but that part of the pendant didnt sand nicely. next time I will try sealing it with super glue.

I sold these earrings to a lady named Sally I hope she loves wearing them.


Carol said...

Just wondering what kind of resin you used. Love them. Really cool!!

Nikki said...

Hi Carol
I cant remember the name of the resin. but It is a self leveling resin that is used to seal large flat surfaces.
Does that help?