Monday, 05 February 2007


I have had a very busy weekend. Despite the heat.
Still in the process of making 2 new pieces.
The first is an idea that I got out of art Jewellery magazine. only they use clay and I am using sheet metal.
I want to etch it but I need to do my homework first on where to find stuff to etch with.
When I have done this I will post a pic.

The other is a disc shaped silver pendant. I used square wire (which I made with my new square draw plate) to make a frame on the disc with random swirls inside. I soldered the frame and swirls onto the disc. I am in the process of filling the swirls with resin (dyed with powder paint) I have discovered that the resin makes the paint a lot darker then I thought. So I will need to experiment more with mixing. I have also found that it is wise to do one colour at a time which is a pain as drying time is about 72 hours. And if you get proportions wrong the resin wont set and you will have to start all over again.
So that is where I am at. Will post pics as soon as I am done.

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