Tuesday, 14 November 2006

The beginning

LuNi (pronounced Looney) Designs is the name Lucy and I have given ourselves.
We are both creative people who are always busy with a creative project of one sort or another.

Looney just seems to fit with who we are. And the creative workshops we have together with a lot of wine and laughter.
And it goes with our names Lucy and Nikki.

About a year ago whilst our children who are close friends played together. One night over a bottle of wine Lucy decided that we could teach other people to bead. We ran a few workshops at a few ladies homes when someone suggested that we actually sold some of the jewellery we made. So in a few days we made up some stock (lots of stock) and tentatively started to sell some of our Jewels.
I am happy to say we have none of that stock any more and although we still get together to create every now and then we are not trying to sell mass produced stuff anymore.

I am keeping my jewellery making as a hobby for the moment.

I recently did a course on making fabricated jewellery.
This blog is going to be an attempt at keeping a journal on the things I make using my newly aquired skills.
We will see.

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